Monday, May 23, 2011

The town of Minaki: a work in progress

Hi folks! Yes, I've switched from Dutch to English, mainly because all of the game- info (like the scenario) is written in English. Currently I'm organising my procesfolio, a book with all the (sometimes crappy) sketches, ideas and notes for the game. In it you will not find much of the final art, because I see the content of the book more as the pre-production of the game. If you want to see the final screenshots, characters designs and more (like a step by step making of), you'll have to visit the exhibition at the end of june. Or you just keep following this blog, wich will be updated daily from now on.

Kicking of the Untold Epic Super Marathon Finale is a screenshot from the area I'm working on: the mining town of Minaki. Stay tuned for more (like, later this evening. Introduction of all characters!)

If I made any language-related mistakes, well, I'm sorry.


  1. i have switched from dutch to english because i am awesome.
    i will most certainly be visiting that exhibition if it is after june the 21st.
    i was wondering mateyas: how do you build your scenes. is it made from pre-constructed tiles like the old snes games used to be, or do you just draw every scene from scratch?

    also, brainboss?!

  2. Ah, welcome to the awesome club of English-talking hipsters.

    The exhibition takes place june the 19th (14-18h), 20th (18-21h) AND 21th (18-21h).

    Well,like the old (S)NES games i build every environment with pre-existing tiles - like the stone walls. But every room or area requires some tweaks to those original models. So, while I not begin from scratch, there is a lot of re-drawing.
    And ofcourse, there are a couple of layers that contain lighting, shadows, extra details,...

    I'll post a step by step guide soon ;)