Sunday, June 5, 2011

Town of Minaki: finished!

So finally the town of Minaki is ready. It took me more then a week to build this background because it had to be one big open connected space. The result is this mining town for wich I drew inspiration from the anime 'Laputa: Castle in the Sky'. For my presentation I will add more characters to it so it looks more like a vivid town, but for now it's finished.

A little contest: can you spot all the videogame-references? There are 5 of them! (but one of them is REALLY obscure).

And oh yeah, there's going to be an animation previewing a small demo of the game on my presentation. It's going to be simple, but hopefully it gives the viewer the kind of mood and setting I want to create.

And for now, I'm organising everything for my procesfolio, and prepping the images for the animation and slideshow. If I have time left, I'll try to make one more background.

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