Thursday, July 21, 2011

Untold Epic: early prototype (rendered movie)


If the intro bores the hell out of you - shame! - gameplay starts at 2:25)

This is a demo-movie of the concept art of the videogame I'm working on. It was shown at the exhibition for my Master Project at Sint Lucas Antwerp. It's not very complicated, and it doesn't showcase any real gameplay-elements, but it was fun to see Major Error (the hero) in motion. The game is inspired by old Nintendo-games I played as a kid. However, the story, dialogue and general feeling will be part parodic and edgy (but with a likeable cast en immersive world).

Right now I'm thinking out more of the story and gameplay, wich will be heavenly based on puzzles and puzzle-based action.

This video leans a lot toward a Metroid-like game, but the final game will not feature an open world, but more of a HUB-based interface.

The game is still in very early development. I just found the style of art I wanted, and all the major characters are drawn (and a couple of backgrounds that are not definitive). This video contains filler-music, like the intro (Final Fantasy IX), and the Metroid-theme heard inside the battery and upgrade-room.

I graduated this june as a Master in Graphic Design (illustration) with this project, and besides making illustrations and comic's for a living, creating a game is one of my dreams. Hopefully I'll get this running. It must.

Art: Mathias Van den Berge
Animation: Inne Haine
Music (temple-theme, and credits): Laurens Trappeniers
Text: Peter Moerenhout

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